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Florida Car Insurance

                    Here at Florida Insurance Mart, one of our specialties is Florida Auto Insurance. There's a lot to know for the consumer and we're here to help you in that regard. One thing we normally find when we review a client's current policy is that often times they're typically underinsured more than they're aware. Some client choose to go without Collision coverage which is fine if the situation permits. However in quite a few instances we find an insured may not be aware that by excluding one form of coverage, they could be losing out on more coverage than they originally thought.

                    To give a quick money saving tip, if you're currently a member of AAA, you don't need roadside as AAA is going to offer superior coverage anyways. Why pay for coverage that isn't useful in that case? Oh yes, your AAA membership may even make you eligible for a discount on your Auto Insurance.  Another thing to consider is how many vehicles per driver are listed on the policy. Often times when  there are more drivers to vehicles on a auto policy this creates a higher premium. These are things a lot of people don't realize because they haven't had their auto insurance agent go over these things.

             A good thing about having an insurance agent who has experience in all lines of insurance is that you literally can keep all of your insurance business under one person. This reduces a lot of confusion. Now often times in large agencies who deal in multiple insurances this means dealing with multiple agents who work in different departments which is almost the same thing as having different agents. At Florida Insurance Mart, you'll always have a full staff on hand for you if need be but you'll always have your one go to agent for all your insurance needs.  Lets face it, not all agents  perform at the same level. So why spread all of your insurance out if there isn't a distinct advantage by doing so?