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Florida Roof Types

   In today's post we'll be exploring different kinds of roofs in Florida. We will see which type costs the most, and which lasts the longest. Lets begin with Slate Roofs. Slate Roofs are some of the most expensive roofs but with that price tag comes durability. These roofs can handle any weather condition and can last up to 100 years. Their tiles are heavy and more durable than Clay tiles. But this is far from a realistic choice for most, as it's going cost a pretty penny so you'll usually see this on more high end homes.

   Next up we have Metal Roofs. These have become a part of the Florida Subburban landscape and for good reason. Metal roofs can last up to 50 years and give you a hefty discount on your Home Owner's policy compared to a Shingle roof. These roofs can withstand the heavy winds that come with living close to the coast and they tend to look pretty good on homes. They're not the cheapest choice, but they're more affordable than a tile roof and give you similar durability. I also tend to think they look awesome on a hardy plank Florida home with some nice landscaping. 

  Speaking of Tile Roofs, these are the roofs you usually see inside of home built in HOAs. You may even have a home or two in your neighborhood that has a tile roof. With a tile roof you're looking at  a lifespan of 30 sometimes 50 year if well maintained. These are going to cost you quite a bit more than a metal roof, and they usually don't last as long.

   Next up we have shingle roofs. Shingle roofs usually consist of Architectural Shingles or 3 Tab Shingles. Architectural is the more expensive of the two and tends to last longer. 5 Years in most cases and up to 10 years in other cases. With new copnstruction homes you tend to see Architectural shingles  far more often than 3 Tab. 3 Tab is going to be your lowest cost option but also comes with the shortest lifespan. Sometimes 5 years if you're unlucky or the usual 10 years. Not exactly a long life span.