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Think you don't need Life Insurance? Think Again

    Yesterday I was having a discussion with a client. We were reviewing their new health plan at their job along with the other available benefits. One of those benefits was a Life Insurance policy available for a great price. The client made a comment to me  that they didn't need Life Insurance. Right then and there I asked why they thought this. The response was the typical "I'm not worried about that". 

My question was then who is the one who pays for your funeral, your imaginary policy? The point of me telling you this is to highlight how we all need Life Insurance. Unless you literally have no family, and I'm not talking about being single. Do you have parents? Siblings? Unless you think they want to throw you over a bridge and forget about it you're going to need some coverage.

    These days Life Insurance rates are at all time low because so few people have coverage as they don't realize the importance of it. Starting in 2020 due to Covid 19 more and more people are looking to get insured. While it's good folks have realized the signifigance of coverage it's also important that folks realize how important it is regardless of the situation. No matter if you're single or you have a family you should get a life policy. 50K policies can be had for well under $50 a month for a healthy person who's a non smoker. Ecspecially with kids & a spouse, why would you NOT have coverage?

    You would be amazed at how low rates are. If you're under 40 and a non smoker you're looking at next to nothing for a policy. If you're under 55 and healthy and you're a non smoker you would probably be shocked at how low rates would be. If you're intested in obtaining a quote or just learning more about Life Insurance in general please feel free to reach out to me.